Flight simulation

I have been involved in flight simulation for many years.  I first started simming using the Commodore 64 when I was kid, and progressed through the years on various platforms, including FS2004, FSX, P3dV4 and many others.  I started building a full Boeing 737ng flight deck, and purchased Prosim, which is fantastic.  I also purchased all the hardware to build the simulator and panels, however illness has prevented me from moving this project forward currently.  I have been a controller with IVAO, and a pilot; I have also used the Vatsim network as a pilot.  I have flown virtual flights for British Airways Virtual, TUI airways, and many others.  Having gained many hours of flying over the years.  I now own many ATC simming products including, TRACON, Xavius ATC suite, Tower, Flight1 ATC suite, and enjoy controlling.  I have visited many ATC facilities in real life over the years, that has been a fantastic experience, and I have always found controllers very helpful and happy to chat, when not too busy.  I visited Auckland New Zealands ATC facility, and was given a guided tour of the whole facility, including transatlantic reporting room, approach radar, and tower.  The ATC staff are extremely friendly and made the visit very interesting.


I am not currently flying, however may get back into controlling at some point.  I am currently running a live stream of JFK using P3DV4.    

Prosim weather radar test

Flightsim photos

China Airlines 747 JFK screenshot
Screen shot P3D at JFK
China Airlines 747 JFK screenshot
JFK screenshot
Jet Blue JFK Screenshot
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