JFK Live stream 

Live stream information


I get a few questions about live streaming JFK and SFO, and thought I would provide some information.


The process of live streaming can be complex.  However, this should not put you off.

AI aircraft

Currently my AI aircraft is 60gb in size, and requires some additional aircraft such as Embraer 175-195.  Every carrier requires an additional specific set of files for the AI.  Each folder requires editing in P3D in order for it work.  Additionally, my AI is placed outside of the simulator and enables quick backup.  This makes it easier to manage any amount of AI aircraft.  Most P3D users recognize P3D is currently missing a fully set of AI. 

AI injection

The AI aircraft are injected to P3D through two individual pieces of software; firstly, PSXseecontraffic, and realtraffic.  Psxseecon requires AILgenerator to generate AI into an XML format.  PSX reads the XML to produce the AI in P3D.  The AIL generator requires the folders where aircraft are located, and this enables the generator of AI.  This data is provided by a system such as flightradar ADSB data.



I have permission from live ATC to stream the service on my account, and this is done through winamp, and via a virtual internal cable.




This requires another piece of software in order to run the livestream.  I have found wirecast play very good for 720p streaming.  I have tried others; for example, OBS. 



This is the base simulator, and provides the complexities to run various platforms. 




The JFK airport is provided by two pieces of software, firstly GSXlevel2, and FSdreamteam JFKv2.  Both excellent.


Camera views

EZCA provides the views you see, and I have set the cameras around every runway.  With one click I can move above the airfield, or to any threshold of JFK’s many runways.


Time and Dates


In order to provide real local time, FSreal time is used and this syncs P3D to real time.




The weather at JFK is enabled through Activesky from Hifi simulations.


Internet requirement


For live streaming the faster the better, and the streams are sent from 1500 kbs to 2500kbs.  This takes a lot of data.



This is not perfect yet, and requires additional aircraft and models.  Some of the models appear with black paint only, and this is a P3D/paint recognition issue.  I found if I install scenery outside the airport, it is pointless and slows the system.  Furthermore, an SSD is essential for quick access speeds.

JFK suffers some ADSB non coverage on 13 R and L, and it’s not always possible to display active traffic. 

Some aircraft may appear invisible or not fully formed, and this is due to the changeover to P3D and lack of optimization. 

Sometimes PSXseecon will substitute aircraft if it cannot find the correct one; for example, American airlines non matching livery can be the same type aircraft, but different livery.


My system Link s on the next page



HiFi activesky


Realtraffic (subscription)


EZCA camera

Wirecast Play

Ultimate traffic live

Traffic global

FAIB models

AI Ardvark models

Ultimate traffic 2 models


Operating system windows 10 64 (sucks)

Currently 16GB DD3 memory


Intel i5

Asus K87-Z 

GTX 570 graphics card

Quad intel gb network

Backup UPS x 2 for power failure

Additional backup systems in case of failure, and offline back also.

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